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Donate to n0v4

Why donate to n0v4?

n0v4 is provided as a free service and even though it is a free service to our users, it is not free to run and operate. We spend our money and time on servers making sure the network is running smoothly in order to create a friendly place where free speech and thought is encouraged.

If you can appreciate the work that has gone and will go into n0v4, please consider making a donation.

On the donation page we did not ask for any specific amount, instead we ask that you decide on what you value n0v4.

All donations will be kept private, unless the donator wants to make it known.

How can I make a recurring donation?

For a recurring donation, of $5 every month, you can click the button below. If you would like to make a different recurring donation amount, or different recurring interval, please contact us in the IRC and we can set up for you.

How can I give to n0v4?

On every page on this website is a donate link in the bottom right corner of the page.