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October / 2 / 2011 Update

The server in Falkenstein, Germany has been discontinued, and n0v4 has acquired deimos.n0v4.com, a server in Las Vegas, Nevada, operated by Anon7.

I have made some improvements to the website, including linking to the n0v4 Wiki.

May / 1 / 2011 News Update

It's been a while since I've updated the front page. Since then we have two new servers.

singularity.n0v4.com is run by Anon7-2521 and is located in the Dallas, TX region.

wormhole.n0v4.com is run by kPa and Anon7-2521 and is located in Sweden.

November / 11 / 2010 n0v4 IRC Donations

We now have a donation system setup with PayPal. If you can appreciate the work that has gone and will go into n0v4, please consider making a donation. If you'd like to read more you can read about it on the donation page. Or you can click the button to get started:

Thank you everyone who can make a difference.

September / 9 / 2010 n0v4 Has gone paperless!

We are pleased to announce that all of n0v4 has gone green! We have taken steps to make sure all of our efforts are done electronically. We've gone paperless! This includes all of our operations. n0v4 IRC is now a paperless IRC network.

May / 15 / 2010 - n0v4 IRC is now accessible.

You can access it using your favorite client at

irc.n0v4.com using port 194 or 6667
or if you prefer SSL, which is recommended
irc.n0v4.com using port 6697 or 9999

Be sure to check out channels #lobby #help.

For more information on connecting to the irc network, click the links above.