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n0v4 IRC Behavior

Behavior on n0v4 IRC

There are NO rules about content that you may discuss, except those defined on our Legal "Terms of Service" page. Nonetheless there are other behavioral tips that are advised to follow. These are NOT rules, but suggestions. Happy IRCing.

When joining a channel for the first time

Do not expect everyone to pay attention to you.
The posted topic is NOT necessarily what is being discussed.
Pay attention to users % @ ~, as NOT listening to them may result in being banned from the channel.

Expect NOTHING from the IRC channel you have just joined.


Spam is never acceptable under any terms and is grounds for being banned from the n0v4 IRC network.

Using all capital letters

Using all capital letters is annoying. For the love of all things that are beautiful in this world, STOP.

Using leetspeak

Using leetspeak makes you look like a dumbass. No. It is not cool. It doesn't make you a hacker. It just makes you look like a dumbass. Also it is NOT hot to speak leet.

Getting help

You can attempt to get help from the channel #help

Lurking more

It is highly advisable to lurk more. DO IT.

Ban Evasion

Evading bans is not allowed and will get you disconnected from the n0v4 IRC network.