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n0v4 IRC FAQ

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. If you want to know more about IRC click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IRC

My nick has been taken by someone else, can the opers get it back?

Yes they can, but they might not and is considered on a case-by-case basis. Including the last time the nick was logged in.

Will my nickname registration expire?

Yes, it will expire 30 days after being unused, along with all ownerships of any channels and all other AOP or SOP privileges.

I lost my password, and don't have access to email, help?

Contact an oper in #help, they can reset the password and even log you in. We will do this ONLY if you are using the exact same IP address as you were when you were last identified.

What is a netsplit and what should I do during a netsplit?

A netsplit is when one or more IRCd relays on the network disconnects from the rest of the network. This will happen occasionally.

You should do NOTHING other than continue talking in the channels you are in. Do NOT register new channels, do not join new channels because once the netsplit is over and the servers have rejoined, IRC services will kill anyone attempting to ride the netsplit. Do not attempt to steal nicks during a netsplit, as all attempts will be corrected once the netsplit is over.

What do I do if I need assistance moderating a channel?

Searching the internet is always a good idea before joining #help, however joining #help is recommended and encouraged. Opers will not appreciate being asked questions that are easily found with searching online. This channel is mainly for immediate channel problems that may need assistance of a network operator. You can find them in help.

What is an operator?

A network operator usually runs an IRCd relay server, however oper permissions may occasionally be given to other users. Operators have a lot of control over all of the IRC network. For example opers can /kill a user from the network, they can join locked channels, override bans, clear channel modes, etc. This is especially useful if you have done something dumb. Respect the opers.

So then what is an op?

OP stands for channel operator, channel operators are given a certain degree of control over a given channel. They can ban users from channels, set the topic and the channel mode, as well as give op status to other users. Opers on the other hand have control over the entire network. An Op has modes +o or +a or +q in a given channel, with respective modes increasing in channel priveliges. Opers on the other hand may not be +o or +a or +q in a given channel, however they are +o or +a or +q in #help.

How many people will read this FAQ instead of asking about subjects covered here in #help ?

Probably 3. Although this will be impossible to determine.